No Network after Resume from Suspend

Just Installed Ubuntu mate 16.04 on my old PC. So far everything is working fine except the network. When I resume from suspend the Network is missing. It just tying to connect…

I tried ‘sudo service Network-Manager Restat’ but nothing happened.

I am new to Ubuntu Mate so can you guide me in solving this problem?

Sorry to say, but this is an ongoing battle.

And the command you used may no longer be valid. We now use systemd on the new releases. Some other commands that can be tried are in the link below.

And systemd…

Does “sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager” work?

Hi @spandey,

try running "dpkg" per the update guide which might help?:

For those of you who have an issue with reconnecting WiFi after a suspend or hibernate cycle I have come up with a simple solution. If my above post suggestion Post #3 works for you, then you can have systemd do it for you with this little script. Just…

sudo mv fix_for_sleepy_wifi.ini /etc/systemd/service/nm-sleep.service

…then tell systemd about it…

sudo systemctl enable nm-sleep.service

From then on your network manager will restart automagically!

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worked with a minor edit for my setup. ubuntu 16.04: service file needs to in /etc/systemd/system/nm-service.service