No password request after suspension

Running Ubuntu Mate 19.04. As in the title, when I reactivate my laptop after suspension, I am not asked for a password. I have looked around system settings but found no solution. How can I solve this?

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That's a known problem. Depending on how you suspend your laptop you may or may not be prompted for a password when resuming. See bug 1777889

I'm finding that if I suspend using the power button (you may have to change a setting in Power Management) or the main application menu then I am prompted for a password when resuming. Does that work for you?

Thank you for your swift response. I can indeed confirm: if I suspend by using the menu on the top bar (applet indicator), I get no password request upon wake-up. However, if I suspend by using the power button (and then clicking on suspend) I am asked for a password on wake-up. I guess I will just use the power button from now on.

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This issue is being looked into. Hopefully the work-arounds @PaulW2U provided will work in the meantime.