No Shutdown Menu in 20.10

In 20.04 I could navigate to system setting which brought up a window with shut down options. In 20.10 there is no place where I can navigate and click to shut down. What are the options for me?

Hi @Rick_Rufenacht,

I assume the window you are talking about is from indicator-session. It's difficult to say without your panel screenshot. You may have your panel layout broken after upgrade to 20.10, people keep reporting about problems of this kind. Try to choose some preconfigured panel layout from MATE Tweak, this will effectively reset your panel, but will discard all changes you applied to your panel.

Additionally, you may look for a shutdown option in your system menu applet or play with shutdown command in your terminal.


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I am using the "familiar" desktop. In the top right corner in 20.04 version I had the numbers lock indicator, the shift lock indicator, the intel graphics card inidicator, the wifi indicator, the battery indicator, a small computer which was a drop down for system settings, and shutoff. No numbers, shift, wifi show up. I will probably have to download an earlier version and re-install, because I am not happy with this version and it's not the only issue.

Your initial reques was about shutdown option. Do you have it back? Have you performed panel reset? For keylock indicators try "Enable keyboard LED" in MATE Tweak -> Panel.

I have done all that.

If you have a screenshot that would be most helpful.

Here is a screenshot using the Familiar layout and it has "shutdown menus"

You can reset you panel to it's default settings by running this command and then re-adding the items you want to your panel, also if you have saved your panel layout using mate-tweak you can restore your saved layouts.

mate-panel --reset

Good luck Rick

Here is a screen shot. You will notice that I do not have a battery indicator, nor any other indicators. There used to be a small computer icon that I could click on and shut down.

I was able to get my indicators back. I went to synaptic package manager and downloaded many of the ayatana packages. I just kept installing and rebooting until I had what I wanted. It worked.

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