No sound driver in live-cd on HP Pavilion Laptop PC 15-eg0000 (172Z8AV) laptop

Hello everyone,
I am a totally blind user.
I am a beginner in linux, here is the issue I have.
I have ubuntu 20.04 lts with gnome installed. Everything works practically fine, but I decided to install ubuntu mate 21.10 rolling release to have most recent packages and mate as a desktop environment because it is more accessible than gnome.
However, I have the next issue:
My laptop is HP Pavilion Laptop PC 15-eg0000 (172Z8AV)
When loading into the ubuntu mate 21.10 live-cd, there is no sound. As far as I understand, the sof-firmware driver is used on new laptops to provide audio.
When pressing alt+superkey+s, there is no any sound from screen reader.
As a result, I cannot install ubuntu mate 21.10 on my laptop.
I could install 20.04 LTS but I would like to have a newer software.
I filed a bug report about it. I don't know if I did it in the right place, but I hope that it can be fixed.

If this bug can be reproduced and fixed, it will help so lot of blind users who would like to use ubuntu mate 21.10 on their machines.
Thank you!

Welcome to the Ubuntu MATE Community, @vsevapopov2! Sorry you are having trouble with your installation. It looks like the bug you filed was done correctly. Thank you.

I don't have an answer for you but here is some additional information and a link to a related bug you might want to comment on. The other bug was for the previous release, 21.04, but the bug shows that there was a fix released. The fix should be in the current live media installers.

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Hello Larry,
Thank you for your reply!
Yes, I know the issues about the ubuntu mate installation process with screen reader when it doesn't read the content of the installer, but that's not my case, at least now.
My issue is that when booting into live-cd, there is no sound at all, it seems like the soundcard isn't detected.
The reason why I tagged it as accessibility issue, it is because we have no sound, so we are not really able to proceed with the installation, even if we turn on screen reader, we won't be able to go further.
So also the reason why I tagged it like that is because audio is so important for us when installing the system so we won't be able to install it without having any audio.
If there can be any fix performed about including sof-firmware drivers to the current installer, that will be highly appreciated!
On ubuntu 20.04 lts as I said everything works fine.
Thank you!

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Hello Larry,
I found out how to solve the issue with no sound.
It was my mistake thinking.
The issue is that there is a sound working in ubuntu mate installer, but the volume is set to 0, so if you don't have a braille display or help from sited assistance, you won't be able to change it.
Also the volume resets to 0 after the first start of the system.
I remember that this problem with volume set to zero was mentioned somewhere, I will try to find and comment there.
Thank you again for your help!