No sound recording for Microsoft Corp. LifeCam HD-5000

I have a Microsoft Corp. LifeCam HD-5000.

It records video fine but there is no sound ?

I believe it has a built in microphone.

Can you show this window?

You mean -

Sorry, I do not understand your reply. ??

I took your effort at screen capturing Sound Preferences as orschiro requested and used GIMP on it to make the screen capture legible for anyone who might want to help you. Can’t you see the difference? Mine is readable and yours is, for lack of a better term, obscure.

I try to keep file attachments small to minimize the use of bandwidth.

I managed to get it to record sound.

I forgot the steps I took.

The colors with my webcam are very yellowish.

Don’t know if that would occur with a more expensive webcam ?

Well, the colours are a different problem then.

But am I correct that your sound is working now?

Yes you are correct.

So, please choose a solution then.