No wifi-adapter found

I have install ubuntu 18.04 on Lenovo but couldn't connect to wifi network as i have this error message:
No wifi-adapter found. (Driver for the wifi is realtek (rtl8821ce)).
Would you please help?
Thanks in advance

It is in Synaptic. I really recommend Synaptic for software and drivers.
"sudo apt-get install synaptic"


Thank you jymm for your post.

Couple days ago, I switched with my UM to new laptop. Internal Wi-Fi modem was not recognized during the installation. External usb Wi-Fi doungle was not recognized too. Ouch!!! There is no ethernet port! :roll_eyes:

I had to connect to my cellphone via usb-tethering, Installed Synaptic Package Manager via Software Boutique and just added the package rtl8821ce-dkms.

Eazy-peazy :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


"connect to my cellphone via usb-tethering"

WOW, your abilities certainly exceed mine if you could do that. Glad I was able to help though.