No ZFS by Default

A GOLDEN opportunity,slips from your hands whosoevers running Ubuntu, the Billion dollar file system (90s prices) error detects on read and write,well .Im of to FreeBSD where ZFS can be standard,now I know its not realty practical for a laptop,lots of people have 4 rust drive bays and a spare pcie slot to run another 2 ssds zfs raid 1 for boot /OS.,or am I dreaming and we are all running ntfs.

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It is a licence issue: ZFS is published under a licence that is incompatible with the GPL and therefore can not be included in the kernel.

Please read the following links carefully:

If ZFS is important to you, you might be indeed better off with BSD because since ZFS is included in the kernel and has free access to all its internals, it is also faster than ZFS on Linux.

If you like the MATE desktop, don't worry; MATE is also ported to BSD:


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