Noble install freezes on LG Gram laptop

The install of 24.04 Noble from live USB freezes on my LG Gram laptop 17Z90R-H.AAC8U1 This happens when I tap "Next" on the "Select your keyboard layout" screen. I can close the installer with AltF4. Sometimes an "System program problem detected" dialog pops up.
top shows ubuntu-+ using about 120% CPU.

When I try the install from CtrlAltF1, this message appears: "Sorry, there was a problem examining the storage devices on this system"

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The installer from 24.04 uses snap. The thing is you can not just install calamares or ubiquity. Clamares doesn't work with an unmodified ubuntu mate.
You might install lubuntu and then install the mate metapackage. It isnt a full ubuntu mate then but very close.

More than once I have noticed that installer tries to connect to the Internet and freezes an installation. Turning off wifi router or disconnecting eth cable ensures pure offline installation which works.

Thanks for the reply. I don't see how turning off my wifi router will help because my neighbors also have wifi routers that show up in the list.

Try to install 22.04. and then upgrade...

The point is to ensure absence of Internet connection. Surely, turning off your wifi router will not help provided that there are public routers in close vicinity.

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