Nokia booklet 3g and MATE

Hi Guys,

I know that the Nokia Booklet 3g has the Intel GMA500 graphics card and it is a PROBLEM. So spare me please.

MATE seems to be running well on the booklet but the problem is when I play videos like Youtube or saved Movies. Videos are choppy and so is the audio.

Can anybody help me please find a solution? I’ve seen some regarding the gma500 driver but a lot of those links doesn’t exist any more plus I am a newbie at Linux.

MATE looks great and I believe it will have a great future. Thanks in advance guys and more power!

What size RAM do you have and what size swap did you create?.

Have you done a full system update and do you have your software download location set to “Main server”?:

Hi wolfman! Thanks for the reply… I seriously dont know how much ram nor how big my swap is… I very new with the Linux operating system so I got no idea HOW and WHERE I could find that. What I do know is that my setting are all defaults … as in just installed. I do hope that clears a lot of things. I will do this recommendation of yours and I will post my progress here.

Install Gparted and then open it and it will show you your partition layout including the swap partition!, open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + t) and paste the following command to install it:

sudo apt-get install gparted

You will find the app once installed in the top panel: System > Administration > Gparted

Right click the swap partition box and then on "Information":

Then you will get this:

To find out how much RAM you have, paste the following command in a terminal:

sudo lshw

and then look for " *-memory:0":

I always trough you could see how much memory (RAM) and swap you have from System Tools > MATE System Monitor under resources?

Screenshot from my VirtualBox, since I don't use English on my main system.

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I completely forgot about that @ele, thanks for the reminder!. :smiley:

@Metalshark, use @ele advice!. :smiley:

I used to have one of these machines. Beautiful hardware, but the slow HDD, GMA500 and 1 gig of memory makes it slow. I have a similar gma500 netbook now, and I actually run Manjaro Netbook edition on it. Works fearly great for YouTube, video and Skype.
It runs a modified XFCE version, so it is just as lightweight as Mate.

In fact, I wish the lightweight desktop community would embrace the slower atom and/or GMA500 based computers. Many of them would make great machines for secondary use cases. My first endevour with Ubuntu was installing “Ubuntu eee” on my EeePC 900 back in 2007.

PS! I run Ubuntu Mate on my Lenovo X201.

thank you so much @ele for the tip.

@wolfman - Love you tips as well… The long tutorial on what to do actually teaches me a lot.

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@cgaustad - Thanks for this great info. Yeas, I totally agree with you. Ubuntu should embrace the slower atoms and GMA500 based computers.

OK, I’ve done all the updates and still, video is choppy and so is the audio. I’ve seen the GMA500 driver but upon further reading, it seems that the support for the driver was stopped and that the links are now broken… any suggestions guys??


firstly; see the first part of this thread about Intel drivers:

Secondly, what are your software sources settings like?, try changing the download location and then update and see if that helps:

@wolfman - thanks buddy… this is teaching me a lot. OK note to everyone the following links didnt work for me:

W: Failed to fetch  404  Not Found
W: Failed to fetch  404  Not Found
E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

I will add unto this list as I go along.

You need to remove the gma500 PPA from your sources list, the latest Intel drivers are already in the kernel and you don’t need any other drivers!.

You may have broken dependencies, run the following terminal command:

sudo apt-get install -f

and restart if anything updates!. :smiley:

This tut is 5 years old and should NOT BE USED!. :confused:

@wolfman - Hi buddy.... your telling me that the Intel drivers MATE currently have is 100% compatible with the GMA500? Is this the one your talking about??

because im still having that skipping problem with play back. At this point I've done all the suggested upgrade and updates. Any other things you can suggest? I'm seriously thinking of using a different OS at this point.

Hi @Metalshark,

your pic above is not what I mean but take a look here in this section “Video Playback” which might help you solve your problem:

There doesn’t seem to be too much new support for your graphics card under Ubuntu, much the same as the SIS GPU!. :confused:

There are basically no new drivers for your GPU, what you see is what you get and is included in the current kernels!, you can take a look here but don’t hold your breath!:

Another reason why you are having problems is the fact that you have an “Atom” CPU which misleads people into thinking that it is indeed powerful; when quite the opposite is the real case!. :confused:
You could try upgrading your RAM if at all possible which would help!. :smiley:

This is what I mean by removing the PPA:

Open your Software Sources > Other Software and then mark the Intel driver PPA and remove it (them). :smiley:

@wolfman - Thanks buddy for the support you have given me. I’m very certain that the Atom processor has nothing to do with the errors I’m getting. I even tried playing an MP3 and it still was skipping.

Somehow I have this feeling that I just dont have the right drivers. I’m checking out PerpermintOS and see what will happen. I’ll be back to let you guys know the results.

I forgot to ask, which install method did you use?, disk or USB?, if you didn’t follow this advice, that would help explain your problem?:

So sorry for the long reply. I actually lost hope on this. Anyway, I used the USB method of installation.