Not dual-booting anymore


So finally, yesterday, in this Eid vacation, I’ve completely removed my Windows partition…

And yesterday was the birthday of Linux… what perfect timing!:grinning:

Not dual-booting anymore…

I haven’t booted into Windows for the last two months… I have a VM though that I’ve been using, can’t escape that… :disappointed:

Ah how peaceful it feels… I feel like saying “the world is my oyster”… because it literally feels like it!:sunglasses:


Yep, I dumped dual boot Windows about 5 years ago and haven’t looked back. But, like you, have Win7 running in a VM for the very rare occasion I need to work on an MS access file. But, that’s about it



This is brilliant timing if you have Windows games on Steam. Valve recently revealed Steam Play (beta) so now it’s even easier to play Windows titles via Proton (a Wine fork). Thousands gathered on this Google Sheet within a week and tested 2369+ games, about 79% of them work pretty good.

Maybe you’ve made your escape before everyone else does! :slight_smile: