Not fully sleeping on laptop

Hi All! I installed Ubuntu Mate 18.04 on a Dell Latitude E5470 (i5-6300u), and I'm having trouble with it not sleeping. The screen turns off, but the power LEDs are still on, the keyboard backlight stays on until its normal timeout, and it drains the battery a lot faster than it should for being asleep. On top of that, it only "wakes" up to the power button, but not the keyboard or touchpad.

This is a bone-stock install--all I've done since installation is an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade.

I have no idea where to look to start figuring this out. Where do I go to start debugging this? Is there some sort of missing driver I need to install?

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Hi Zolotiyeruki, welcome!
I think you are looking something like "hibernate" or "suspend-then-hibernate", not "suspend", that means you'll resume from RAM, that save your session. This consume quite battery. If you are able to resume from your power button, mouse, keyboard, lid, depends on your hardware and the power settings of your system.
If you "hibernate", your session is saved into your disk, and the consume is lower. Here:

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I'm aware of the difference between suspend and hibernate. Windows does the same thing, except Windows appears to be a lot less hungry in suspend mode

Well, I got it figured out--for some reason, S3 Sleep was disabled in the BIOS. No idea why, but it was.