Not installable - Live runs great but Calamares couldn't install it

Found out now that normal filesystem.squashfs is missing. Now i was somehow able to patch calamares using the minimal.squashfs and fixing grub manually. However i still had to copy /lib/firmware. Also libreoffice shotwell and some other apps are not installed. The install image is very broken per design. any change to fix this by bloating up the minimal.squashfs?

Your post contains many details that confuse me.

  • there is no release detail, so we can only be generic. Ubuntu ISOs since 20.10 have altered slightly for each release (esp. in regards booting) so all architectures boot the same way, so release actually matters (unless 20.04 or earlier).

  • calamares isn't used by Ubuntu MATE, however it has been used by flavor(s) since 18.10 (which flavors also varying by release; being Lubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Unity) so I do know for sure calamares is QA tested & works with any release of 18.10 & later; as I've used it myself in QA many times.

Are you asking about Ubuntu MATE?; as ubuntu-desktop-installer or ubiquity are the installers used, and importantly what release. If I wanted to see how calamares configs worked for a specific release, I'd just pick one of the configs used by that release (common and a flavor ; though do note the configs are expected to change substantially for 24.10/oracular)


Do talking about 24.04 ubuntu mate.aThamks forbyour answer.

Ubiquity is missing. Calamares works partially with lubuntu profile.

There is no filesystem.squashfs anymore. i was now able to dpkg-repack the contents of the two other squashfs. And i also found out that the iso contains a small subset of package archives. So i suppose best would be to first inject the live repacked files to minimal.squashfs while removing the two other squashfs files or replace them wirh dummies. Then we would need to install some of the files of the deb image repositorybin the chroot from calamares installer.

Its somewhat terrible to see 24.04 changes. Its really crap what has become of the not existing installer. Once snapd is removed the systwm runs like normal debian buster. So its usable. The too many loop devices are messing up the system and also appimages are disabled per design. Arghh