Now I notice GLOBAL MENU does not work perfectly

I used to Linux Mint desktop.

One day I discover Ubuntu Mate Desktop user-interface better than Linux Mint.
The main issue Ubuntu Mate's UI is better than Linux Mint.
So I shift to Ubuntu Mate.

Today I notice the global menu does not perfectly.
For example, Global menu works all kind of browsers and media player.
But another software not.

Please help me brother.
I love Global menu on MenuBar.

What type of software is it not working with?

@ Muhammad_Yousuf_Ali

And have you checked if the software is actually installed?

If its not installed, it will never appear in the menu IMHO

Terminal,Caja,Calculator,Atril Document Viewer,Mate System Monitor etc.

Before time global menu works well, but now it does not work properly.

Have you tried resetting the panel?

When I noticed the panel works not properly, then I 've changed panel using mate tweak.

You can try right clicking on an empty space on the panel and resetting, if not that you may y have to uninstall, purge, and reinstall the global menu

No good result.
How can I mean you?

Software's name goes to global menu but navigation bar remain the software.
I mean, It worked like mac desktop interface but this time not

Try right clicking on the global menu and make sure it's not in the compact mode

No Brother, Compact mode is off already.

Previously this bar used to show in the global menu, now showing in the app?

Have you uninstalled it purged it and reinstalled it, if youneed help with doing that I can help, that's the only thing I can think of besides a dconf setting

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Which app uninstall and reinstall?
I mean, App name please.

If your using command line you should go "apt search mate global menu", "sudo apt remove (the exact name of the global menu that is installed), then "sudo apt purge (exact name). Sorry I can't give you the exact name I'm not at my computer

What is PURGE?
Purge apps or Applet?

When people refer to purging, they usually mean to use apt purge or apt remove --purge (both valid) to remove configuration data associated with an application, as well the program itself.

apt remove by itself doesn't remove configuration data. This is done in case you happened to want the program back and have everything as it was prior to removal. If the intention is to start fresh with an application, you would purge it, not just remove it.

Sorry I cannot help better than this, I was only answering the immediate question with a definition of terms. I am also rather uncertain how you can fix this issue, personally. The best way I found to figure out what one does wrong is to remember what one did in the first place to get there.

yest that is what I was meaning it the exact name of the global menu in case you couldn't find it is "mate-applet-appmenu" with the dashes

I am using this global menu software but I am fetching same problem

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