Now my webcam won't work with skype

Last night when I first got this computer set up, my webcam worked in skype, but I couldn’t take pics with it. Today, I asked how to take pics with it, and I was directed to open Cheese- which worked!

But now I want to contact a friend on skype and found that the webcam no longer works on skype. And the microphone, that is built into the webcam isn’t connected at all. skype says it is connected to pulse audio server (whatever that is) and the video screen is black. It says UVC camera but the webcam is logitech and that’s what it used to say when I used it before.

I am new to this, very new. My computer was killed by windows 10 virus and my friend Moss just fixed it and set it up with Ubuntu Mate just last night. I’m an old lady who has been a windows user until the virus hit.

Not sure how to go about this problem.
Have you noticed a recent update to Skype?
The program itself is not under the control of the Ubuntu Team, but under the control of Microsoft.
Updates might break stuff.

Since you’re not the one who performed the install, I suggest your ask your friend to take a look, or if you have the time try and create an USB boot disk (instructions on the website), boot into the live session, install skype there, and see if it works.


This is not a solution, rather a work-around.

Consider installing “Ring” ( It is coming in the software boutique in the 16.10 release (due in October).

You can install Ring gratis on windows, mac, GNU/Linux and Android. So your friends could install it too.

Ring might recognise and use your webcam and microphone better than Skype does as its “made” by a linux team.

If it helps you that would be great. Installing it is easy, you should manage without any difficulties.

Let us know if you try it and if it helps. :slight_smile: