Numix for Wily Werewolf?

Anybody know when numix icons/themes will be available for wily ???

I switched to 15.10 and would like to keep my prefered theme.


I don’t know when it’ll be upgraded in the Ubuntu archive or PPA, but you could always go straight to the source and download from Move the files into /usr/share/themes/Numix or similar. I think you’ll need to make sure you’ve installed gtk2-engines-murrine.

The package listing ( lists the Ubuntu package maintainers as the Xubuntu developers. They might know more about the Wily package.

you can look at Synaptic, and install them.

There is a ‘dirty’ hack that works for me most of the time with new upgrades.
Add the numix ppa, then edit the numix sources file usually located here:
/etc/apt/sources.list.d/ (should be named something like numix-ubuntu-ppa…)
In the file, change wily to vivid, save and then apt-get update.
You should be able to install the numix theme now.
It will use the vivid version of the theme. This doesn’t always work of course,
but usually works OK for themes. When the wily versions are out, just edit that file again
and change vivid back to wily to use the right version for your release.

Hope this helps

I did use the vivid ppa and it worked well.
I will check from time to time if numix for wily is there. I can live with that.

Thanks for all suggestions. Ubuntu-mate is a great community.


Yeah, Numix icons & themes works great in Wily. I upgraded from Vivid to Wily last night, but the Numix repo for Wily seems to be online as I got a few updates for it after my transition from Vivid to Wily. So I guess it works.