NVIDIA GeForce 6200 graphics problem solved

I have finally solved my graphics display problem, and the solution, once I figured it out is quite simple. Here are the results of inxi -CG showing that my nvidia graphics drivers are loaded:

Here's what I did:

Add the Proprietary GPU Drivers PPA. In a terminal, run the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
sudo apt update

Under [System] [Preferences] Hardware] run [Additional Drivers]

Install the latest proprietary driver for your system.

Reboot. Now this is the most important part. After the BIOS screen, press and hold the [Shift] key to enter the grub menu. Press [e] within 10 seconds to edit. Look for the line that begins with linux. In my case, there were two kernel parameters towards the end of the line - quiet splash nomodeset. I was using nomodeset because the nouveau drivers were crashing my system.

The kernel parameters now need to be changed to quiet splash nouveau.modeset=0

Continue to boot up.

These kernel parameters will need to be edited each time you boot up unless you make them permanent by modifying grub. There are several way to do this. I use grub-customizer.


Of course there are no warranties expressed or implied with this method. I have a separate partition on my harddrive with a separate installation of Ubuntu Mate where I do all my experimenting. It makes it much easier to recover when I blow something up. I have crashed my system multiple times in trying to get the nvidia drivers to work. However, it seems that the whole secret is adding nouveau.modeset=0 to grub.

After all my frustration, I do hope this helps someone!!!


Jim007, Thanks for taking the to share your solution I’m sure it will be helpful to others