NVIDIA proprietary driver and secure boot

Hello! I booted after a while to my Ubuntu-Mate and noticed the resolution was incorrect. I checked display settings, and it said my resolution is 1024x768 instead of 1360x768. Also it said that I have an unknown monitor.

I tried changing the display driver to NVIDIA proprietary driver which seemed to work, but still the monitor was unknown, resolution the same and couldnt be changed and also refresh rate was higher than should be.

I tried to disable secure boot, then it started working. But I dont like the thought about disabling the secure boot for longer time than installing needed drivers, and it anyway shows always that annoying msg when booting the computer. I enabled the secure boot again, and again the resolution went incorrect.

I couldnt even play supertuxkart with high gfx settings because my fps was 1.

What to do?

[quote=“johnnyrevival, post:1, topic:13399”]What to do?[/quote]Disable Secure Boot, leave it disabled and move on. The primary risk of leaving it disabled when running Linux is the very remote possibility of a rootkit injecting itself. However, as long as you keep your updates rolling you should find that the odds of running into such a rootkit are quite remote at best.

Thing to remember here is – There is something that is far more powerful than Secure Boot, than any AV, than any OS. That is the concept of responsible use. In any system, the human link is always the weakest. So, just don’t click any links you shouldn’t, don’t open emails you don’t trust, don’t install software that comes from untrusted sources, etc.


Unfortunately the term “untrusted sources” often gets lost in translation. What @1Q7FE6zp means is sources you don’t trust.

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Totally agree!

However, most computer users believe, although incorrectly, that turning off secure boot will make their computers unsafe/insecure.

Unfortunately, in order to use the proprietary NVidia driver, there is no choice.

That’s the reason we are going to change all our future computers to AMD. We have been testing the open-sourced amdgpu driver, and so far, we are very satisfied.