Oauth2 compatible email client for powerpc?



The current version of Thunderbird for powerpc does not work with Gmail without dropping the security. Is there a modern email client that I can use instead? I love Thunderbird but this issue with 45 means that I can’t use it for my work emails.


Since the original post, I have tried Evolution and Claws Mail on this distro, neither will play with gmail unless the security settings are dropped. Hopefully they will get around to fixing or updating Thunderbird for Mate PPC soon.


I have found that this is because the Oauth2 implementation didn’t work properly in 45 but has since been fixed in all other versions of Thunderbird except Powerpc which is still on 45. Has anyone got any tips on trying compiling a later version from source? I guess it will take a while on a 1.67GHz, single core G4!


Later versions won’t build – I don’t know why. Something wrong with XPCOMinit.cpp I think.



Thank you. Do you think it is worth trying to build it myself? The Powerbook G4 1.67GHz is my only Powerpc machine. Do you know if there is a fix for Oauth2 on version 45? I guess the Powerpc community is a small one these days.


I found a solution n for this. I added the secure gmail accounts using the “Online Accounts” app and then used Evolution instead of Thunderbird. The Oauth2 worked fine and I can read all of my emails on my Powerbook.