Odd problem with caja moving/copying files from NAS


Using Ubuntu-Mate 18.04 to access files on a Western Digital MyCloud. NAS is mounted at startup using an fstab entry. Most of the time it works just like another local drive. But occasionally when using caja to move/copy files from the NAS, caja just stops. The dialog box stops updating and none of the buttons on it work. I can close the dialog box but caja is still stopped. Trying to move/copy another file brings back the dialog box with the stopped progress bar and adds another progress bar for the new operation waiting for the old one to complete. The only way I can clear this is to kill caja or restart the computer. This usually happens with a small file (<1k). It also seems to occur only copying/moving files from the NAS. It never happens going in the other direction.

I initially thought it might be a problem with the NAS but I can open the file with pluma and save it locally with no problems.

Does anyone have a similar setup or seen the same problem? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.


my fstab line:
//wdmycloud.local/Public /media/bill/Public cifs username=public,password=,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8 0 0


It has happened to me in the past, though not especially with small files. Can’t remember if it was only when copying to a NAS but I don’t think so, it likely happened locally (e.g. copying to an USB drive) too. Never found a fix apart from killing Caja.

Here is how I mount my NAS through the fstab:

//	/media/qnap-ts128a/videos	cifs	credentials=/etc/nas-credentials,vers=2.0,iocharset=utf8,uid=1000,gid=1000	0	2

The credentials is just a file that replaces the username/password options, it’s fine to use them too. The main difference with your fstab is that I use the option vers=2.0 to set the version of the Samba protocol to use (the value to use might depend on the NAS model). Don’t remember exactly why I set it that way, I found this browsing some doc. You can try to add it just in case though I doubt it’ll change something.


Well adding vers=2.0 does seem to fix the problem. I have only tested a couple of files (that previously failed) but now it seems to work. Thank you very much for the help.

Of course now I have to figure out why. Probably spend more time on that.