OEM Install on PowerPC?

I am on the yaboot boot: prompt, and I’d like to know how to do an OEM install on my PPC iMac G4. Does anyone know the kernel parameters for OEM install?

That’s an interesting question. The best page I could find on this was https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubiquity/OEM

So oem-config/enable=true might be what you are after. Whether you want to combine this with only-ubiquity (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopCDOptions ) is up to you.

I seem to remember Wimpy saying there was a problem with 14.04 and OEM, so there might be more stuff you need to do.

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OEM does work in 14.04.2 :slight_smile:

Yeah, but I didn’t make a powerpc 14.04.2 release! What did you change with regard to OEM?

I piched the assets directly from the stock Ubuntu 14.04.2 iso and overlayed on my unofficial Ubuntu MATE builds.