Ofris does not work with 16.10 Beta

I just installed Ubuntu Mate 16.10 Beta 64 bit and found that Ofris does not work with this version. It does how ever work with version 16.04 64 bit. Any ideas why this has happened?

The ppa has not been updated for five years, if this is what your trying to use.


Its also probably a gtk2 version and 16.10 is gtk3.

If 16.04 is gtk2 and 16.10 is gtk3 then that is more then likely the problem. Terminal says that Ofris is working but its not.

Dafturn Ofris Erdana - Locking your Systems
By : Muhammad Faruq Nuruddinsyah

Your choice :

  1. Freeze the system for this User only
  2. Freeze the system for specified User
  3. Freeze the system for all Users
  4. Unfreeze the system
  5. View status
  6. Exit

Please insert your choice number : 5

===== Status =====
The system has been locked…

[Press any key to exit…]

Looks like I will be staying with 16.04. I need to lock the system . to stop any unexpected changes. ( deep freeze )