Okular integration

I've run into some issues trying to get a working version of Okular. My preference is to use the newest version, so I had to install flatpack v20.12.3. It worked OK, but it didn't integrate with MATE desktop well. There is a configuration option Open new files in tabs, which works only from inside Okular, but not from Caja, which opens a new instance of Okular each time I double-click on .pdf file, instead of opening a new tab in existing instance of Okular. Is this a price one must pay for using flatpak or snap?

I removed that flatpak and installed an old .deb v1.9.3 provided by Ubuntu. It works as expected and opens new file in a new tab. I noticed something weird when I went to associate pdf file extension with Okular, though:

There is more copies of Okulars in this dialog than you can see on the screenshot above.

Hello pauljurczak

I have used Okular on Ubuntu and later Ubuntu-Mate since 12.04. This behaviour has been there as long as I can remember. As I do not use Okular as my default PDF-viewer this has not been a problem for me.

I do not know how you set Okular to be your default PDF-viewer. As this GUI-based approach seems to be 'difficult', it may be worth considering a command-line approach. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had no problems setting Okular as default viewer, it works fine (I chose the first entry on the redundant list). My comment is about poor integration of flatpak version with MATE desktop, but it may be outside of MATE development scope. As I mentioned, the .deb version works fine in all respects.