Old NVIDIA card (Quadro FX 1100)

I have the card mentioned in the topic. On my old system, which was Ubuntu 10.04, there was a driver available for it, nvidia-173. I just installed Ubuntu MATE 18.04 and there is no driver available for my card. NVIDIA website says that newer drivers don't support this card and nvidia-173 is the last version that supports it. There is a possibility to manually download the installation package from NVIDIA website, which I did, but the installer failed when trying to compile a kernel module.
Can anybody provide any help?

The Quadro FX 1100 is supported by the opensource nouveau driver:

Well, Nouveau was installed automatically on my system and is running, but I can't use Compiz with it. And any of two other window manager options (Marco + Adaptive and Marco + Compton) has some drawbacks. With Marco + Adaptive there is an issue of top panel (and sometimes even menus dropping from the top panel) flickering whenever I hover the mouse cursor over the panel (either top or bottom one). I had the same issue in my old Ubuntu 10.04, and installing the NVIDIA driver solved it. The flickering issue is solved by switching to Marco + Compton, but then there are no window thumbnails in Alt-Tab switcher, which is a quite useful feature. I guess Compiz would give me both (ie. no flickering and thumbnails), but I cannot use it - when I try to switch to Compiz my screen just goes black until i switch to text mode console, kill Compiz process and select another WM.