OMG!Ubuntu!: Yet Another Reason Why Ubuntu MATE 16.04 Will Rock

More praise from Joey Sneddon, OMG!Ubuntu! main writer.

As if the super-active development pace wasn’t enough to reel you in, Ubuntu MATE has added more bait to its’ hook.
Ubuntu MATE 16.04 will offer full support for Client Side Decoration (CSD) and GTK Header Bar applications out of the box.


Although client side decorations is not a design trend popular with
every Linux user — ‘fession time: we’re a fan — the growing set of GNOME
apps that include them make them hard to avoid. Header bars span a
range of apps, from the increasingly useful GNOME Photos to the
geek-friendly Polari IRC client and by way of the fantastic Corebird desktop Twitter app.

And to conclude the article, @Wimpy is making history: :raised_hands:

Martin — you’re a legend!