Сompatibility with touchscreen

Hello everybody! (translated from Russian, there may be translation mistakes)

Since 2010, the keyboard and mouse have ceased to be an integral part of the computing machine. The machine acquired a touchscreen and the functions of the keyboard and mouse were shifted to it. And if voice assistants with operating systems are still not perfect, stable and smart enough to control computers without involving typing devices, then the touch surface for the same tablets has already become commonplace.

My attempts at using a tablet with a purely touch-based input method brought me here to the Mate community. Mate is the only lightweight OS distribution whose creators have thought of the fact that the virtual on-screen keyboard should be an integral part of a modern operating system and built it available in the system by default.

After half a year of use, I became convinced that Mate has several childhood diseases associated with the use of touch screens that need to be solved. Specifically, in order of priority:

  1. The absence of the option of long and double clicking on the interface area to call the context menu and other function usually assigned to the right mouse button.

  2. The usual short press on the touchscreen does not work when working with the main panel of the OS.

  3. Lack of on-screen keyboard on one of the lock screens and too small keyboard on the other.

  4. The lack of an option to change the touchscreen coordinate system when changing the screen rendering coordinates. The absence of a corresponding shortcut on the main panel, available by default.

  5. Lack of a function of proportional scaling of text and interface elements for the specified minimum size of the point and side in inches.

By solving all these problems, Mate will become a truly comfortable distro for use on touchscreen tablets. I think that these are the most critical shortcomings of this desktop environment on tablet devices.

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