On screen keyboard in lock screen in Mint MATE

Hi all,

I am using Linux Mint 18 Mate on a tablet - everything working fine.
But there is no on screen keyboard on the lock screen. The workaround is to choose “switch user” instead, that brings me back to the login screen. From there I can unlock my running session, using an icon that brings up an on screen keyboard.

Within the session I use onboard. I am not quite happy with it, as it turns my mouse cursor to always being busy after the first use of it - but it works (ok, sometimes it does not work, as sometimes it seems to not release modifier keys, but I can close and restart it, which is quite ok).

All settings within onboard and the system properties are activated that relate to the login/lock screens. But for none of them, an on screen keyboard is displayed automatically. While I can call it in the login screen, there is no such option in the lock screen.

Is the on screen keyboard in the login screen powered by onboard as well? Cause it looks different.
Are there other on screen keyboards that are better? I will try them sooner or later, but if s. o. has an experience here, this would be greatly appreciated.
Finally: how can I enable an on screen keyboard in the lock screen?

Thanks in advance for all comments!

Maybe it is better to report this on the Linux Mint community. There are differences between Ubuntu MATE and Linux Mint MATE. Maybe not to the desktop itself but to the implementation of MATE.

But if someone knows why this occurs…

Thanks for this hint, I will do this and report back here on any result.

Hi @7even,

at the Login Screen, press F3 and this should bring up a keyboard for you (I think?). :smiley:

While I can try this when having the bluetooth keyboard connected, just to know if it works, this is not the use case.
The use case is to use the tablet without having a keyboard connected.


it should display an on-screen keyboard when you press “F3”!. :smiley:

It doesn’t do anything. No F key has any effect. And if it would, it would not help, as I described in my use case.

Look for the little person icon in the upper right corner at login time. Click him and it will put keyboard on screen of login. I just did it using linux mint 21.2 Mate

login screen != lock screen :wink: