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Years ago I was quite involved in a phpBB forum community.
Although far from being essential, one thing I miss here is to see, at the bottom of the main page and of each section, how many users are browsing the forum and (for those who did not oppose to reveal their online status) who is online.
I found it nice as a member to know whether the forum was buzzing with activity or was dead empty (and even more later on as moderator and coadmin of the forum).
Is it something technically possible in Discourse and something that you would consider bringing here?

Yeah I miss that as I am used to seeing it on all of the other forums I frequent

It is not in the Discourse server settings anywhere :cry:

No worries Martin. It’s not essential.

Thanks for checking.

Maybe someone could do a feature request…

Hi Wimpy,

have you tried their "Plugins"?, see "Plugins" here (I assume you just contact them?):

This guy wrote his own!:

Sorry folks. It has been decided this feature (plug-in) won’t be added. :neutral_face:

It’s a pretty heated argument whether this would fit the philosophically of Discourse, which it doesn’t.

Discourse doesn’t report users in real-time, but by last seen or last post. Considered an old forum feature that isn’t essential. If there’s a particular member you’d like to see has visited lately, consider checking out their profile. :slight_smile:

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