Only use External Monitor with Laptop

Hi Ubuntu MATE Community,

I am recently new to Ubuntu MATE, just installed 16.10 after playing with Budgie for a bit. I’m staying with MATE!

I have a wee bit of an annoyance that I wonder if someone could help me out with. I have a ThinkPad T410 with an attached HP LA2205wg 22" monitor. I do not use the laptop screen and always have the laptop lid closed.

When I reboot the machine I ALWAYS have to open the lid to log on. This wasn’t the case when I had Budgie installed, the login window would pop-up on my external monitor and was able to log on without a problem with Budgie.

How might I configure Ubuntu MATE to allow the use of the external monitor ONLY? I have already “turned off” the laptop display in Configuration, but that doesn’t seem to help when I reboot. Still have to open the lid to log on.

Any ideas?


Try setting your boot display device to the one you want to use in the BIOS. You can get to it through the Thnkvantage button at boot.

@randomdave Thanks for the tip!! I’ll give it a try tonight when I get home from work.