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Hi Peter,

I do recommend doing just that here in this section (sorry no hyperlink!) “Replacing Files:

I have found it a matter of wording. I think in the case of systemd.conf, replace is just default install. So if you have not edited systemd, it will not make a difference. This so far has been my finding.

As for wolfman’s replacing a keyring, I would say a later version is the better choice.

In both cases a backup can be made of the original. I think adding how to backup these files in your post would also be helpful be beginners. And for people unfamiliar with the diff command maybe an explanation. That would turn your post into a tutorial :slight_smile:

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Hi @anon42388993,

I have never had a problem replacing files and as far as making a backup for such; I have never done it myself so I am not qualified to write a guide as you suggest because I don’t know how to go about it at the moment!. :thumbsdown:

I suppose I could look into it but having just scanned the web for info; it (info about replacing files and doing a backup) seems to be rather scarce to say the least!. :frowning:

My bad. I thought I pointed that reply @pfeiffep, I missed that (I should go to bed). Your ‘Replacing Files’ I think is just fine the way it is.


Alright @anon42388993, I’ll let you off this time!. :smiley:

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Thanks I like your suggestion and will write up something appropriate. Do you suggest a separate topic rather than augmenting this one?

This curiosity is an effort for me to learn more about the inner difference between Ubuntu and Ubuntu MATE. I’m wondering however about exactly what triggered the approval request on one machine and not my other?

I’m using manual apt update, upgrade, autoremove on a daily basis on both machines.

There’s one major difference in the method OS was installed. Dell laptop has Ubuntu MATE 16.04 installed from scratch while HP desktop has Ubuntu 16.04 [vanilla] installed then MATE desktop added after I noticed gnome flashback behaving badly [all prior to official 16.04 release]

I’m keeping UM on the HP in a test environment until the first point release.

My thought would be just to build on what you have, include it all here. These extra post we have generated in the discussion of this can be removed when you are ready, we all have a garbage can. That would clean it up nicely :slight_smile:

Thanks for not beating me up :slight_smile: I’ll probably do it again tonight so watch out :slight_smile:

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Thank You!
Since you mentioned @wolfman’s tut I sent him a pm and asked his take also. I presented 2 options:

1- include my entire tut within his
2- make an intro in his tut with a link to mine

link to proposed tut …

I don’t have pride of ownership - I want to help others and in that light constructive criticism is solicited.

1+1+1 just might = 4+

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Hi Peter,

check your inbox!. :smiley:


I broke this chat off to its own thread so it can continue on if needed :slight_smile: