Open file dialog box always shows file in reverse alphabetical sort

In Ubuntu Mate 19.04. Each time I use the open file dialog box in an application (Firefox, Sublime Text...) I get files displayed from z to a, in reverse order. I don't know how to change the default so I get the proper a to z order or at least the last used setting. Any hints?

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Please ignore the quality of the arrow (it's early and I have not had a cup of coffee yet)

In that image if you click on the toolbar when the arrow is pointing it will change the alphabetical order of the files in the Open file dialog box.

Thank you for your comment. But the problem is that it starts with wrong reverse order each time. Even if I change it like you suggested, it will be reversed the next time I try to open a file.

What about tweakitng Caja->Edit->Preferences-> Views tab?

AFAIK, Caja remembers sorting order for each folder. Hence Caja->View->Reset view to defaults afterwards.

And top panel menu Application->System Tools->dconf editor is worth visiting as well


@ugnvs's suggestion is on the right track :+1: In the case of open file dialogue boxes (for GTK applications), the key is:

org / gtk / settings / file-chooser / sort-order

It seems strange that @franksmcb's suggestion to toggle the column isn't working, as that would save the preference to those keys.

To test a generic open file dialog, run this command:

zenity --file-selection

I have followed the instructions. The problem seems to be Sublime Text, which always forces the option back. I was able to debug it thanks to your instructions about using dconf. I will report it to the Sublime developers.

Thank you!