Open minimized applications from the system tray

Hello, greetings to all.

I have managed to customize Mate, but I can't get the system tray to work as it should, or at least how it behaves on other systems or desktops.

Is there a way to open applications from the system tray by clicking the icon?

If I click on the icon it opens the application menu, if I right click it opens the applet menu.

In Plasma, Cinnamon, Budgie and Windows you just click on the icon and the application opens, why not do that here? I have had the same problem with Gnome.

Help me please.

Apologies for the English, but I'm using Translate. :slight_smile:

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Welcome @Rosner to the community!

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That depends on the application.

No, on those desktops it also depends on the application.
Ever clicked on the network symbol in MS-Windows ?
it doesn't open the application menu but instead shows a network quickmenu.

But it could be that you mean something completely different with "system tray" than I do.
In my mind "system tray" in MS-Windows is kind of similar to MATE's "indicator-applet-complete". It contains network, battery and volume indicators but, similar to MS-Windows it can not launch or manipulate windows.

It seems to me that what you want is a possibility to both start applications and manage their windows (maximize/minimize/restore/close etc) from the same icon on the panel, just like it works on the taskbar in MS-Windows

In that case you should add "mate-dock-applet" to the panel or add a complete seperate dock like "plank"

(That said, even in MS-Windows it is a taskbar action, not a system-tray action.)


Dude, I have the super modified system and I know exactly what I want. For example, I have Microsoft Teams in KDE Plasma, Viper4Linux, JamesDSP that when I click on the icon they open the program window and not a menu, that is the logical operation of the icon. Now in Ubuntu Mate or in any OS that has Mate, XFCE or Gnome, clicking on the icon opens a menu, right-clicking opens the applet menu. I want to open the application by clicking on the icon located in the system tray, by the way I already have the "Mate-Dock-Applet" installed.

You are out of luck, dude.

Mate, XFCE or Gnome are depending on the same upstream libraries for appindicators so there is not much we can do about that from within the distro.

However, you can reach the developers here

But since you have more success with KDE based distros and because you are using semi-professional grade audiosoftware I strongly advise you to switch to Ubuntu Studio.

Not only because it is KDE based but also because it is highly optimized for audio, including a low latency kernel and better suited audio-servers like JACK, especially if you are using the Ardour multitracker and LADSPA/LADSPA2 and VST compatible FX-racks (it also supports pipewire and pulse if you need that).

Overall, Ubuntu Studio probably fits your usecase better than Ubuntu-MATE.