Opera Browser unable log to UBUNTU MATE web site

I cannot view or log into ubuntu mate website from opera browser. I have attached the screen shot. it seems to be strange when i can log from firefox without any issue.

Hi @Aga,

what are your settings in Opera like?. Are you using a dev version of Opera?. :smiley:

I downloaded opera 32bit version form the opera website

Your browser doesnt support modern HTTPS. Upgrade to a current browser.

If you like Opera, then you may want to take a look at the Vivaldi browser - it’s just come out of beta and was made by some of the old Opera team.


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Thank you I will check :slight_smile::v:

i did check Vivaldi as suggested By Mickey_megabyte ,Looks good but felt consumes more cpu than opera and chromium.Chromium is working amazingly fast on my netbook . Thank You for suggestions
(Solution Found)