Option to remove the gridlines for the network graph on system monitor applet


Sometime after Ubuntu MATE 16.04, gridlines were added to the network graph on the system monitor applet. In my opinion, these serve little purpose and make the graph look kind of weird.

It would be nice if there was an option to disable these gridlines. Thoughts?

This is a very minor issue, mainly just something I noticed.


  • Jake


I agree it doesn't look too appealing, and never noticed as I personally preferred indicator-multiload.

This was the pull request that added the feature:

This explains what the "network speed threshold" values are when you right click the applet and choose Preferences.

There is a workaround:

  1. Set a colour for gridline by right clicking the applet and choosing Preferences.


  2. Open dconf-editor (it's not pre-installed, so you may need to install it).

  3. Navigate to the key:


    object-0 may be different, depending on when the applet was added to the panel.

  4. Open the key for netload2-color4 and set this to rgba(0,0,0,0) (which is transparent)

  5. Save and close dconf-editor and reload the panel by pressing ALT + F2 and typing:

    mate-panel --replace
  6. Now the indicator won't show any more gridlines. You can double check by looking at the preferences again, which now have a chequered pattern.


    (You can now drag and drop that box to any other colour you'd want transparent)

Unfortunately the colour picker doesn't give an option for "alpha value", otherwise they'd be no need for prying open dconf-editor :slight_smile:

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