Oracle Virtualbox Guest Additions

Hey Folks,

I have a big problem with Virtualbox - Guestaddtions.
I installed Ubuntu Mate 16.04, next step for me is open the termin for apt-get update && upgrade.
After that i installed virtualbox-dkms. Then the Guestaddtions.
But i get no fullscreen, i don´t know why.

Hope, someone can help me…


Wrong dkms in the guest?

sudo apt install virtualbox-guest-dkms

Assuming this is an UM VM (or, for that matter, any other Ubuntu derivative)

I always do the following:

Inside the VM, open a terminal and execute the following command:

sudo apt-get install dkms

Close the terminal

Insert the guest additions CD image via the Virtualbox “devices” menu

Cancel and close any dialog boxes asking if you want to run anything. Then open Caja in the VM and manually navigate to the Vbox Guest Additions CD

Once in there right click to open in a terminal

In the terminal that you have just opened, type “ls” to list its contents. You should see the following file:

Execute the following command in the terminal:

sudo sh ./

When it has finished installing, execute the following command:

sudo reboot

Following the reboot, you should find it is now fullscreen


I just retested this by installing a UM VM and there is a slight qualification. That is to say, it is not quite as it was the last time I did it.

The Virtualbox auto-resize display function does not appear to be working following the reboot. So, following the reboot, after invoking Virtualbox’s full-screen mode, you may find the resolution is still too low in the VM and so the display does not fill the screen. In which case, you need to go into the VM’s monitor setting and increase the resolution to actually get the full-screen working. So, for example, on my host my preferred monitor setting is 1366*768. So, inside the UM VM, whilst in full-screen mode, I set the resolution to that and it went full-screen as a consequence.

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