Orange Ubuntu theme

Hi, anyone know if there’s some nice orange theme more similar to the old Ubuntu style? I kind of don’t like the greenish colours in a desktop environment. I always think back fondly of the Hardy Heron days

Are these old Gnome 2 themes compatible with MATE? If not, how difficult would it be to s/green/orange/ across the OS? :smile:

You can install gtk-theme-config and tweak only the colors of the theme . If you wan’t Ubuntu Orange or Ubuntu purple colors look at Ubuntu color palette


take a look here:

Cool, thanks.

@IvCHo, I could try tweaking just the colour. Generally, though, I am more interested in some theme package that I could install all at once, as otherwise it’s a hassle to keep these settings in sync when I reinstall/move to another machine.

@wolfman, this page looks promising. Every theme has clear instructions on how to install it. Can’t seem to spot the default Ubuntu themes, though.

Some older themes here:

If you want to create your own old school theme, Ubuntu orange is #dd4814