Organize Pictures in Ubuntu Mate

Hey I just switched from Windows 10 to Ubuntu Mate (completely deleted Windows 10 because it did not have a license and I was not going to use it anyway). Ok whatever, the thing is that I moved all my files from Windows 10 to a /home ext4 partition, so far so good. But I had a mess on my pictures folder on Windows; I had like 2000 pictures on a Desktop folder, 4000 pictures on my documents folder and at least another 5000 pictures on My pictures folder. I’ve seen that i have several software options to open those pictures on my brand new OS, which is awesome, But I was wondering if any of you guys know which one is the best tool to organize all those picture files on just one folder, and with an specific hierarchy (i.e. Year Folder>Month Folder>Pictures).

I’d really appreciate if any of you guys can help me out with this one, I’m planning on giving this computer to my wife, who does not know anything about computers, and I want it to be as easy for her as it can be, thanks a lot.

I’ve used gthumb, gnome-photo and digikam. Up to now, digikam is my favorite. You can install it easily on mate even if it’s designed for KDE. Shotwell is not bad too. Just try them and pick the one you like. After all it’s linux, we have choices!


PS: Take a look at

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I just downloaded gthumb and will try and see if it works for me, if not I’ll try with digikam, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Shotwell is not bad too. But it makes own classification of your pictures by dates. Then it is not that easy to get to originals images to manage those the way you want. But if you just like to have organized pictures library, shotwell provide a simple way to go, after going into preferences and stuff… (options)
I ll say as bernard, digikam if you like to go deeper in managing pictures…
You said you dowloaded gthumb, may i ask the way you plan to install it ? :slight_smile::slight_smile:
This is a good software too !

I’m learning little by little, I installed some software using the Software Catalog (which I think is called something like Software Boutique?) But I followed the instructions on the link that Bernard provided and installed gthumb using the console with the apt-get (which was way easier and faster than expected). I’ve been busy so I haven’t had any time to put the things together, but tonight I’ll see and I’ll let you know how it went.

This is exact, the very first approach for installing software on UM. Thats fine !

which was way easier and faster than expected

So you are already going deeper. This is fast, but using a GUI at the beginning is ok. UM provides " Boutique" as you said and you may be interesting to "synaptic package manager", which is kind of half way between geek and normal user :wink: Just care about what task you are going to do with it, read ask before if needed ...

I'll see and I'll let you know how it went.

Fine ! Community will wait for your feedback too :slight_smile: