OSX-MATE Theme for Ubuntu MATE

I had made a remix of the Radiant-MATE theme sometime back and I thought I'd share it here...

The theme, OSX-MATE, uses the mate-faenza icon theme and incorporates OS X like window borders.

You can download the theme from GitHub - OSX-MATE


Love it cant wait to give it a try

Thanks! Do let me know of your feedback once you try the theme :smile:

This is the best mate theme that I have used :smiley: It should be installed in mubuntu from the beginning :smiley:

Sorry @rohithmadhavan I have not had a chance to check it out the last couple weeks have been crazy for me. Hopefully I can look at it tonight

@artur Glad to know that you liked it!

@sradonichiv No problem at all. I have been a bit busy myself.

I liked the Theme, thanks for sharing.

I always discover new things in this community forum. Even 5 years later :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nice one ! Everyone seems for dark themes nowadays, but i still like and prefer light themes.