Other distro's section please (Fix for Windows 7 update problem)

Hi chaps,

like the title says, can we have a forum section for other distro’s please as I would really like to post a guide on updating Windblows 7 which I have just done and worked out that you only need two files to solve the update problem!.

Fix Windows 7 update problem the easy way!. :smiley:

In the meantime, the files are (Service Pack 1 required prior to installing updates!):

1: Install file and restart!.

(64 bit) Windows6.1-KB3102810-x64


(32 bit) Windows6.1-KB3102810-x86



Install 2nd file after restart and watch for any messages!.

(64 bit) Windows6.1-KB947821-v34-x64


(32 bit) Windows6.1-KB947821-v34-x86


It takes about 4 - 6 to hours depending on your PC/Internet speed!. :smiley:

I think a section for other distro’s shouldn’t be a problem?. :smiley:

I recommend you save the files to your backup media for any future use!. :smiley:


Wow nice stuff.

TBH not really interested in focussing on other platforms but I must admit that I’ve been avid into finding the solution to this problem as I too am sometimes (shamelessly) deploying windoze 7 for my less fortunate clients who are stuck into that mentality.

That being said, THANKS A BUNCH for that fix, will definately give it a try next time I am tempted to sleep with the devil :slight_smile:




I need Windblows for teaching otherwise I don’t really need it, I had W10 on my mini notebook (gonna bin it from my tower PC too!) but it did my head in with too many hidden settings and solitaire broke down on it!. :smiley:


See also the constantly updated how-to thread here.


Hi wolfman, how you doing :slight_smile:

I don’t think we should offer any window support here, but I don’t make these calls. You should of tagged Luke :slight_smile:



We really don’t want to fragment the categories by creating even more. (@Wimpy has mentioned this before). If you really must post something unrelated to Ubuntu MATE, please do so in #uncategorized.

Besides, Windows isn’t even a Linux distro, it’s an entirely different OS.

A post like this would be better suited for more general technology communities like How to Geek:

Try and imagine this the other way round – if Ubuntu MATE users were posting in Windows forums… I can imagine quite a clash. :crossed_swords: :dagger: :fire:


Hi Luke,

I understand what you are saying but there are many Windows users on this forum too and I find that the tips given above are quite valuable.

If you don’t want a section for other distro’s that is your call, I just thought that as many other Linux Forums also have such a section which also include Windows, we could too!. :smiley:


I am fine thanks, I trust that all is well your end too!. :thumbsup:


Thanks for the link, I didn’t find that on the Microscrap Website when searching!. :thumbsup:

Hi wolfman,

Sspeaking only for myself here but, if I had a question relating to windows (on my wife or daughters machines) the last place I would be likely to look for an answer was a linux related forum. And since I mostly browse around here via https://ubuntu-mate.community/new if that view of all the new topics started getting cluttered with windows related stuff it would lose a lot of utility for me, again speaking only for myself.


Maybe the best way is to ask the community via a poll?. :smiley: I know that @lah7 said that they don’t really want it but I still think it a good idea!. :smiley:

Hey guys,

As a FYI I’ve had the chance to test that methodology out several times in the last month or so and I must say that it hasn’t changed anything on my end.

What I do is: install W7 using a golden m$ media and then full patch a first round, then install SP1 and then full patch another round. So that’s over 500 patches and 4 reboots (kinda). That’s back then when it still worked.

Now that the installation’s bloated again and @wolfman started that thread I figured out might as well keep it alive by providing feedbacks of my experiences.

I must say that installing those 2 patches anywhen immediately after DVD install (and before SP1) OR installing those 2 patches immediately after SP1 install OR installing those patches after SP1 install and windoze updates is already not functional never fixed the issue.

Therefore as of right now, I still do not understand how to fix the W7 issue patching.

Does anybody have a more successful end of story to tell?



I don’t understand exactly what issue means for others. To me, W7 Updates issues are the following.

  1. It takes from 1 to 7 hours in just find the updates (imaging sudo apt update taking 4 hours!!!).
  2. If cancel/reset/powerloss or whatever the operation has to be started from the beginning (1 to 7 hours of searching).
  3. If you don’t start the downloading and installing of updates, the retrieved update list won’t be kept.
  4. If you cancel/powerloss/reset or whatever during the installation of updates, the system will probably fail on installing one or more updates like .NET in the future and most likely you won’t be able to fix it, don’t matter what you do.
  5. Cancelling the installation of updates will take several fastidious hours to revert and it also may cause the system to broke.
  6. It may eat too much RAM and lead to failure of the update leading to 4 and 5.
  7. Leaving the list of updates without unchecking various updates will lead to the system get out of RAM on PCs with like 2GB of RAM or less leading to 4 and 5.
  8. After installing all those updates you have to launch the searching of updates again and you will get more updates.

A normal (complete) installation of the updates will require like 16 hours.

What areyour W7 updates issues??


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Redmond have no interest whatsoever in anything other than the botnet called windoze 10.

Earlier versions of their own software are a thorn in the windoze 10 adoption “success” story.

In the world of industry the great majority of customers are tied via proprietary windoze drivers for all sorts of industrial machinery to the windoze platform. Almost without exception they collectively failed to see the legal constraints of windoze 10 heading towards them down the track. They mostly were unable to cut themselves free in time and are now a part of the botnet.

The fact is some people/organisations will have to continue running Redmond software. I suggest they bite the bullet and install windoze 10, just like their would be masters want them to. But knowing what they’re doing when they install it and deciding if they need/wish to start planing to reduce their dependence on software they do not control.

For many industrial players moving away from windoze would involve commitment to a 10 to 15 year investment plan, as their current dependence is so complete. To keep a bussiness running all the while would require careful planing.

back to the point - a windoze section to this forum?
I could see a clear justification for a “How to run and maintain windoze software in a VM running on Ubuntu-Mate”. Thus those dependant could be helped as they begin the next step in their computer-user education - Chapter 2, How to get things done with linux"

They had to learn to use windoze, and they managed it. Well done to them all. Now it’s time for Chapter 2. :penguin:


Hi @DLS,

I can only say it works for me, maybe try the other method posted by @maximuscore