Over-OverClocked Error!

Hello Everyone,

I overclocked my RPi2 to 1000mhz and it was pretty ok. Then i overclocked it to 1100mhz ( slowly moved up, last stable clock was at 1080) i can boot into the PI for about a 5 seconds till the CPU ramps to 1100 CPU CLock, and it crashes. is there a way to boot to the default config??

I tried logging to the term (ctrl+f6) still it crashs after 5 seconds. if i could log into the system long enough to edit the boot.config that would be nice…

I fixed it haha!

I managed to log into the terminal using alt+ctrl+f1 and i used nano to edit it.

Well done :smile:

Otherwise, you can remove the SD card and plug it into a PC and with a normal text editor change the overclocking parameters in the config.txt file.

Thanks! I will try that next time!