Package Operation Failed Problem

How can I resolve this issue?

Hi, @boom :slight_smile:

In order to help troubleshoot your issue, I think it may be useful to know the following: What version of Ubuntu MATE are you using? What operation did you try that made that dialog box appear with the following text:

Package operation failed

The installation or removal of a software package failed.

installArchives() failed: dpkg: warning: parsing file '/var/lib/dpkg/status' near line 1771 package 'libapt-pkg5.0':

Could you include, in your reply, the partial content of that '`/var/lib/dpkg/status' file with some lines that include that line 1771? Let's say, 10 lines from that file starting from line 1765 to 1775? To do that, I suggest that you enter the following command in a terminal window and then copy + paste the result to another reply in this topic:

nl -b a < /var/lib/dpkg/status | sed -n '1765,1775p'

In my case, the output for that same command is the following:

  1766	Package: bluez
  1767	Status: install ok installed
  1768	Priority: optional
  1769	Section: admin
  1770	Installed-Size: 3671
  1771	Maintainer: Ubuntu Bluetooth team <[email protected]>
  1772	Architecture: amd64
  1773	Multi-Arch: foreign
  1774	Version: 5.64-0ubuntu1
  1775	Replaces: bluez-audio (<= 3.36-3), bluez-input, bluez-network, bluez-serial, bluez-utils (<= 3.36-3), udev (<< 170-1)
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