Palo Alto Panel Layout

Hi guys,

I've recently switched from another Linux OS to Ubuntu MATE, for a few reasons, (the fact Ubuntu MATE is an official flavour of Ubuntu, I've always been a fan of the community here, etc.) but I enjoyed the integration with Google's services and got into that way of doing things.

It's for that reason that I've tried to put together the best of both, and have created this panel layout.

The plank theme has been taken straight from RichJack's work, although I tweaked two options relating to animations and margins.

The Yuyo dark theme, created by Sam Hewitt, is also featured.

Oh, and I'm using a wallpaper from Elementary OS, which has one of my favourite collections of high-quality photography based wallpapers.

Nathan Russell


Amazing layout. :heart_eyes:

But the right panel has a little grey bar which does bore a bit. :blush:

An unfortunate necessity of MATE, but it’s more than worth it for the cohesive and stable system it provides!

I think I’ve actually gone off of Chrome a little, so I’ve created a cloud-focused experience with Firefox… (Firefox itself, Thunderbird, SpiderOakONE, etc.)

It’s not my layout, nor my themes, but only my implementation of those; I feel perfectly happy to say that this is a cracker. The fact it works as a general cloud-based design is to its credit.

Oh man, your desktop looks super-amazing! Where can I get it too? :grin: