Panel and drawer migration

The panel->drawer organization of apps in MATE is sheer genius and a truly organic way to categorize and access applications of all sorts. No other GUI operating system that I've used offers anything similar.

One thing missing from this paradigm is a way to back-up and migrate panels and drawers. I've developed several drawers and drawer stacks which I make frequent use of on our LAN. When configuring a new Ubuntu MATE system, or rebuilding a problem one, I'd like a way to encapsulate a panel or a drawer, and the apps expressed on it (some of which have long command lines with preferred geometry and such) and migrate a panel or drawer to another MATE desktop and install it there.

Is there any such tool? Or an article somewhere on how to do this? If there isn't then there ought to be! The panel-drawer organization paradigm is too brilliantly intuitive to let it suffer from such an omission.