Panel MATE tweaks in debian 10

Hi all,

at home I am running ubuntu mate, and in the mate tweak tool I have the cupertino style, however at work I am bound to use debian 10, and here I only have "gnome" and "fedora" styles, but cupertino is missing.

Can this be somehow also installed on debian 10, or is it only supported on ubuntu?

Hi :slight_smile:
You can also do it by yourself. Move panels up, customize the dock and so on.

Thanks for the info. However this is pretty unprecise. I am not so familiar with this, so I would not know how to do this. Currently, I have a panel on the top which holds the menu, clock etc.

Switching to cupertino on ubuntu would move the window menus from the owning window to the top panel, and I don't know how this can be achieved manually.

I understand :slight_smile:
I'm not expert and do not use this feature but i saw that its just a configuration file that you should be able to export and import in mate tweak :

You should be able to export the one of your personal computer and import on debian 10 computer.

Alright, good idea. Will try.

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If you have troubles to export it, you can also read this topic :

The only thing to do is to set up cupertino on the first computer and export it with this script.

I never done it, good luck and keep us updated :slight_smile: