Panels, Plank do not load on logout/login or reboot

So when I do a reboot, I get a bar at the top of the desktop, but Menu and indicator panels are missing as well as plank not loading. The Enable Dock is checked off in MATE Tweak. Using pantheon setup. Also, sometimes upon reboot, there is a message that Brisk Menu has crashed do you want to reload or something similar. The only way out of that is CTRL+ALT+T into terminal, type in mate-tweak and the choose a new panel layout, then switch back to Pantheon. This started happening as soon as I rebooted after clean install of Ubuntu MATE 22.04 LTS. Once it is reloaded it works without incident. My second user account does not have this issue.

Any help will be really appreciated :cold_face:

(cold face is because it's -32*C here)