Password timeout not working

I added this to sudoers, but I am still being prompted for a password.

Defaults:andy timestamp_timeout=600

Am I doing something wrong?

Just curious are you wanting to change the sudo password timeout?
Probably off base but if so did find this for Ubuntu:

Also if your command is correct maybe try a two digit value for timeout
Edit: Re reading are you being asked for an initial password and want a delay before it asks again?


You get the gold star. :slight_smile:

I changed it to 90 minutes.


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Is your post Vietnamese?

Translate says Vietnamese detected and translation is

I have the same, who helps.


Welcome @Michhol to the community?

Thanks mendy.

Did you copy and paste the statement into a translation engine?

Welcome Michhol to this community.

The members are very knowledgeable and eager to help folks.

They are patient too. :slight_smile:

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Yep, searched for translate, copied OP's request / pasted into box and it gave me the English version. Believe there are lots more available, did not scroll down just used first on screen.


Thanks mendy for your effort.

It will help me in the future.


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