Patreon and Donation badges are here!

The badges have arrived!

The community has now been linked up with Patreon and those who donated with one-off donations or download tips have earned a badge if you signed up to the forum.

You can see who’s a patreon and who’s donated on their respective badge page or groups. You’ll also see flairs on their avatar too as an extra touch. :star2:

Thanks to all who contributed to Ubuntu MATE financially!

Now go wear those badges with pride. :slight_smile:


As of Sunday, 23rd July 2017…

  • There has been 7601 unique donators so far.
  • 300 (4%) of who have accounts in the community (with the same e-mail)
  • There are 227 patreons.
    • 48 (21%) who have accounts in the community (with the same e-mail)


I'm a patreon or donated in the past... but I don't see a badge!

It’s likely that you used a different e-mail to that used by your account on the forums.

  • For patreons, change your e-mail in either Patreon or your community account and this will be reflected on the next sync.
  • For donators, change your community account e-mail to that used for your PayPal donation.

When do I get my badge?

For patreons, the data is automatically synced every week. For donations, you’ll receive your badge when the monthly donation reports is written up.

Who can I contact regarding my badge?

If you really don’t want your flair, title and badge, you can contact one of the @moderators to remove this for you.

To prevent misuse and as moderators do not have access to donation data, we will not accept requests to manually grant you this badge.


In case anyone tries changing their Patreon email account, when you submit the form on their website it looks like the change is not sticking, and there’s no message… In reality they are sending an email (or several :stuck_out_tongue: ) to your old email address to validate the change, and then it will be reflected on the website.

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