Permission to use Ubuntu Mate In a commercial Mini PC product


I represent a startup in Hyderabad, India. We have developed a mini PC based on Raspberry Pi 4. It is primarily targeted at Beginner / Intermediate level application developers. After trying out many different Operating Systems, we finally decided that Ubuntu Mate is the best fit for our use case.

It will be great if someone could point me to any of the following:

  1. Documentation / Guidelines for usage of the distribution in a commercial product
  2. Contact person email to whom I could address these queries
  3. General known facts about using distributions in commercial computers

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Hi @vishy! Welcome to the Ubuntu MATE community. I will try to determine a contact for you.


Re: Your question #1:
Since Ubuntu MATE is an official flavor of Ubuntu, perhaps this post on licensing would be useful:

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Hi @goinglinux. Thanks for the link. That cleared quite a few questions I had.