Pine A64 Single Board Computer

This is to be released in the next couple of weeks. Are there any plans to release an Ubuntu MATE version for it? It will currently run Ubuntu Snappy and Lubuntu.


Hi Steve,

it states in the video that it is compatible with Ubuntu so I would assume that Ubuntu Mate would run on it?. :smiley:

It’s an ARM processor, not x64. Similar processor to Pi 2, but the Pi 2 version contains a kernel specific to the Pi 2 (I believe).

Plus the Ubuntu version it runs is Snappy, not the full version.

I see Steve, thanks for the clarity!.

If it isn’t Raspi; what is it then?. :smiley:

It has a related processor, but more powerful. Specs are here:

I’ve pre-ordered the plus version with 2GB RAM at $29.00 plus $12.00 postage from US. Shipping in March.


Interesting piece of kit but what are all the bits ‘n’ pieces going to cost?. :smiley:

Much is already on the board, including networking, HDMI, USB, SDcard slot. Wireless would require an addon. Much of that is similar to the Pi.

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I would love to see ubuntu mate ported out to the arm A53 processor used on the Pine64. I haven’t yet looked at what I will install on this Pine64, but I’ve installed Ubuntu Mate on my daughters 17" Asus laptop and it screams. In fact, I want to scrape elementaryOS off my macbook and run unbuntu mate on it I like it that much. Secondly, I have several pi zero’s that i’d like to see Mate run on, but that is for a later thread :wink:


I bought a Pine 64 too and I’d love to use ubuntu mate with it.

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Has yours arrived yet?
Mine has had a ‘Ready to ship’ status for about 10 days.

Hey guys, I can help out with testing on the Pine A64 as I have one Pine A64 available right now.
All we need is a Ubuntu MATE aarch64 rootfs for me to test and generate images out of it.

I don’t know if this is pointing you in the right direction:

Did you get anywhere with this @Terra854?