Pinebook Pro Image?

Is there anyone working on a port to the Pinebook Pro? I just ordered mine and I would be interested to follow along, learn the process, or at least help test. I’m not seeing any discussions here though.

Hi. - I am a PinebookPro user. I run a special Ubuntu Mate release that can be found through the PinebookPro wiki ( ). I run it from an SD card and it is a little slow compared to the default Debian/Mate release, but I prefer it in spite of this. See also . I hope that you enjoy your PinebookPro!

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I saw that Bionic Mate release, and I was planning on trying it out. I was sure if it was an "official" Ubuntu Mate release. I'm looking forward to the Pinebook Pro and while I will play with Manjaro I am probably going to move to something more familiar pretty quickly.


You are welcome. - BTW, I have tried the Manjaro release as well. It worked well except for one difficulty that may not bother you. I was unable to connect to an epson wireless printer with Manjaro. With Mate, it was a simple matter.

I've just got my Pinebook Pro and I'm running an arm64 Ubuntu-MATE 20.04 on it:

I'm testing it booted from a microSD card, but it works quite well and I'm going to replace the factory pre-installed Manjaro with it. The only snag I've found with the Ubuntu-MATE arm64 image so far is that sound doesn't work, and I had to change the default Window manager to "Marco (Adaptive compositor)" to avoid the screen being corrupted by animations that were not completely erased .

I'm now running "Armbian" 64-bit Ubuntu focal booted from eMMC on my Pinebook Pro after trying out many other images. I've replaced the Armbian default XFCE desktop with Ubuntu-MATE and it seems to work quite well. My NVMe SSD and sound input/output are working, but I've not got BT working yet.

The latest version of Armbian Ubuntu focal supports Bluetooth on the Pinebook Pro:

The default desktop is XFCE, but it's simple to install the MATE desktop:

apt list 'ubuntu-mate*'
Listing... Done
ubuntu-mate-artwork/focal,focal 20.04.2 all
ubuntu-mate-core/focal,now 1.263 arm64 [installed,automatic]
ubuntu-mate-core/focal 1.263 armhf
ubuntu-mate-default-settings/focal,now 20.04.3 arm64 [installed,automatic]
ubuntu-mate-default-settings/focal 20.04.3 armhf
ubuntu-mate-desktop/focal,now 1.263 arm64 [installed]
ubuntu-mate-desktop/focal 1.263 armhf
ubuntu-mate-guide/focal,focal 20.04.2-0ubuntu1 all
ubuntu-mate-icon-themes/focal,focal,now 20.04.2 all [installed,automatic]
ubuntu-mate-lightdm-theme/focal,focal,now 20.04.2 all [installed]
ubuntu-mate-live-settings/focal,focal 20.04.3 all
ubuntu-mate-themes/focal,focal,now 20.04.2 all [installed,automatic]
ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-artful/focal,focal 20.04.2 all
ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-bionic/focal,focal 20.04.2 all
ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-common/focal,focal,now 20.04.2 all [installed,automatic]
ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-complete/focal,focal 20.04.2 all
ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-cosmic/focal,focal 20.04.2 all
ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-disco/focal,focal 20.04.2 all
ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-eoan/focal,focal 20.04.2 all
ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-focal/focal,focal,now 20.04.2 all [installed,automatic]
ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-legacy/focal,focal 20.04.2 all
ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-photos/focal,focal,now 20.04.2 all [installed,automatic]
ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-utopic/focal,focal 20.04.2 all
ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-vivid/focal,focal 20.04.2 all
ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-wily/focal,focal 20.04.2 all
ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-xenial/focal,focal 20.04.2 all
ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-yakkety/focal,focal 20.04.2 all
ubuntu-mate-wallpapers-zesty/focal,focal 20.04.2 all
ubuntu-mate-wallpapers/focal,focal,now 20.04.2 all [installed,automatic]
ubuntu-mate-welcome/focal,focal 18.10.0 all

Installed it by copying the Armbian image onto the internal 64GiB eMMC storage and with /home mounted on a 500GB intel SSD using the optional Pine64 NVMe adapter.

That’s great! I would love to try it out but I have ended up getting 2 lemons from Pine64. I’m still trying to get a working one but the process is pretty slow and painful. I will definitely try that out once I have a fully functional PBP.

Works well, except for the MATE panel, which is a bit flakey, but I don't think that's just an arm64 issue because it's also flakey on my Intel Xeon desktop: Items added to the panel are sometimes duplicated or missing after logging out then back in again. Otherwise Ubuntu-MATE 20.04 is rock-solid (pun intended) on the Pinebook Pro :slight_smile: