Plank Deck is not appearing after System Start / Logout

Dear Friends,

I do not know if me only facing this issue or not. Previous version Ubuntu 20.04 always show Plank Deck either after system start / restart or after Logout. No matter what my laptop's condition, connector to power or using it battery.

This version when my laptop is not connected to power, rely only on batter, it boots slow and does not show the Plank Deck. I have to let it appear by press menu and searching for it.

Today when my laptop is connected to power supply, it did not show the Plank Deck. I had to press the menu and then choose Plank to reveal it self

Dose any one face this issue other than me !!!!

No, but have you checked this first ? (Enable Dock)

Thanks for sharing this screen shot, but what am facing is that Plank Deck will not appear if the laptop was only on battery mode not A/C power.

This is strange !!

I have a similar problem, but my laptop does not have a battery (maybe this is the relation to the issue). Once I configure me desktop with Mate-tweak and make the necessary adjustments to have it as needed, Plank will show on start-up for a few days, and then, nothing. As Salah indicates, I have to start it from menu.

Kindly check my screen shot and you will notice that it is on Battery Mode with out Plank Deck ... !!! Strange

This incident did not happen on any previous versions either connected to power supply or only battery mode.

Are you by any chance using a dock with external monitors?

I have found the issue that the dock doesn't reposition when I undock (and the primary screen changes as a result). The dock stays in the same position as before, and since my external monitor is bigger than the laptop display, the dock is simply out of viewport.


Only laptop screen no external. When running on battery mode plank does not appear.

OK, thanks for clarifying! Was just a wild guess on my part.

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You are most welcome, just for a clarification, this only happens when am on a laptop battery mode no any power adapter connection.

When am connected to the charger, I do not see this incident.

Maybe a wild idea but could you try to give plank a startup delay of 10 seconds ? There might be a racecondition where starting plank too early results in a fail.
I just realized that booting on battery is probably slower than on AC.

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It is fine not bothered, just do not know who to insert Plank in Startup Application.

All am doing when am not plugged in the A/C power, just go to menu, search for Plank and hit it then it works.